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Apparel and Footwear Template

Sunrise Technologies is the premier provider of Microsoft Dynamics AX for the apparel and footwear industries.  Sunrise combines industry expertise with specific functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics AX to help apparel and footwear companies meet their unique business requirements.

The Sunrise Apparel & Footwear Template is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX, which signifies that the solution has met Microsoft Corporation's highest standard for partner-developed software. The template is an integrated and comprehensive solution for both full-package sourcing and vertical manufacturing companies.

  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX by Microsoft
  • Written in X++ code using the Microsoft Dynamics AX development environment
  • Uses existing objects wherever possible, extending them as needed
  • Introduces new objects that fully integrate to the existing objects
  • Follows Microsoft Dynamics AX best practices on user interface, inheritance, etc.


Offers a comprehensive set of industry specific functions including the following:

  • Color, size, and configuration masters & scales
  • Season codes
  • Item status code
  • Automated UPC code generation
  • Intelligent bill of materials & route management
  • Master Production Order
  • Sales order categories
  • Sales cancellation log with reason codes
  • Sales order hold with hold codes
  • Sales restrictions
  • Customer ship-to and mark-for addresses
  • Configurable item attributes per item group
  • Style/Color Matrix View in:
    • Sales order
    • Purchase order
    • Bill of materials
    • Master production order
    • Transfer order


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Apparel and Footwear Brochure
Powerful, simple and agile. A solution for apparel and footwear.


Screenshot: Role Center
A screenshot of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Role Center

Screenshot of the Role Center

Apparel and Footwear Demo
Features such as multi-item dimensions, multi-language, multi-currency all make Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 a great fit for apparel and footwear companies. Watch and learn more about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and the Sunrise Technologies apparel and footwear template.

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Apparel and Footwear White Paper
The Apparel and Footwear White Paper summarizes the industry's business processes such as financial management, sales distribution, production, planning and purchasing, and explain how Microsoft Dynamics AX enables these key business processes. 

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Case Study: Patagonia
Outdoor apparel leader gains scalability and visibility, cuts costs with ERP solution.


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