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Business Intelligence

Sunrise Technologies understands our customers are in the data and mobile business. Sunrise Business Intelligence (BI) allows customers to put data to work anytime, anywhere; enabling companies to make decisions and take action  ΜΆ  empowering users beyond BI.




Make informed decisions and take action with the mobile device of your preference. Sunrise BI brings data to life for customers through mobility. With touch-optimized reporting, analysis and monitoring, Sunrise enables users to analyze and make decisions with data anywhere, on any device; allowing users to take action on their decision through interacting with any back-end transactional system.




Sunrise BI combines a set of tools to give users the ability to create compelling data visuals, access predictive analytics, experience traditional business intelligence, and leverage enterprise reporting internally and externally.  

  • Visual Insight gives the untrained business users self-service reporting capabilities
  • Predictive analytics such as demand planning and forecasting allow ERP users the ability to make informed decisions regarding future production
  • Traditional Business intelligence gives users access to historical and current data as well as key performance indicators (KPIs), including Enterprise reporting across the organization





Extend and Complete

Sunrise Technologies extends and completes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to insure users are making fast and informed decisions. With Sunrise’s ability to extract and present data in meaningful ways, users can easily monitor, analyze, and make confident, fact-based decisions throughout their business operations. Through completing and extending transactional systems, Sunrise provides businesses a way to utilize any data, with any device, anywhere.


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