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Microsoft Dynamics AX + Sunrise

We are fine craftsmen that could implement any other solution well, but for beautiful results at a tremendous value, Microsoft Dynamics AX is the easy choice. 

Without a doubt, Microsoft Dynamics AX is the most implementable, flexible, easy-to-use, and affordable Tier 1 ERP solution available. Combine this ERP technology with our 20 years of industry knowledge, business intelligence capabilities, and best practices, and you’ll have a top of the line solution built with craftsman-like quality at a tremendous value.

We are the experts in the Fashion, Apparel, Footwear and Home Furnishings verticals and have 20 years of experience in discrete manufacturing, retail, distribution, supply chain consulting, and ERP technology implementations.

Why AX


A tier 1 supply chain without all the complexity

Whether you’re a retailer, distributor, or manufacturer of lifestyle brands and consumer packaged goods, we can help you better manage your global supply chain and make smarter sourcing decisions with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

By virtually managing your entire supply chain, whether you own it end-to-end or leverage full-package sourcing, we can help you improve margins and revenue. Maintained by a simplified multi-dimensional SKU solution with pre-defined master values for color, size and configuration scales, and masterful material resource planning and multi-dimensional BOMs, you will be able to plan and manage all of your sourcing and production needs with real-time visibility.

Delight your customers across all channels

Providing a consistent, beautiful omni-channel experience with one centralized data source allows you to manage all of your retail, eCommerce, catalog, mobile, wholesale, and call center channels with ease and accuracy. End the inventory black hole and allocation problems and take a modern approach to serving your customers.

By connecting all of these market places, you’ll gain a full view of the value chain and reduce operational complexity, all while giving your customer everything your brand promises and more. Understand and connect with customers in new ways, facilitating differentiated experiences with Tablet Point of Sales, self-checkout, personalized assisted sales recommendations, and even loyalty programs that span various legal entities, brands and channels.

One system, one experience across all your global operations

Right out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics AX was made to power your organization and robustly handle multiple countries, currencies, languages, legal entities and brands all under the fabric of a single global system.

Localized for over 36 languages, you can provide personalized language, currency, and experiences across all the regions you do business, configured to the specific needs of over 50 role types.

You can maintain flexible organizational hierarchies with shared services of departments across multiple brands offering cost savings. You’ll even know how well one garment, lipstick, chair, or shoe is selling all over the world.

Lowest total cost of ownership

When you combine the power of Microsoft with the industry knowledge of Sunrise, you get the most affordable solution with faster time-to-value results. Microsoft Dynamics AX interfaces with other Microsoft products you have probably already invested in like Office, Exchange, SQL Server and Windows Server.

Additionally, by leveraging Sunrise global consulting network across 3 continents and successful deployments in over 20 countries, and Microsoft Certified solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX, and you'll be able to get a jumpstart on your implementation, getting your data and configuration set up faster than any other tier 1 solution.


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