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Our knowledge of the manufacturing, distribution, and retail has made us a leader in ERP deployments specializing in Microsoft Dynamics AX.



Microsoft Dynamics AX connects broad manufacturing and distribution functionality with other functional areas of your company. Functionality includes procurement, distribution and financial analysis to help you integrate resources, efficiently manage manufacturing, and optimize your supply chain for improved profitability.


The manufacturing and distribution features of Microsoft Dynamics AX helps your employees streamline production and minimize inventory-carrying costs, configure complex products, and manage your personnel, material, and data processing more effectively.


Vertical Expertise

Because Sunrise has been successfully implementing ERP solutions and Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions for more than 19 years in these vertical industries, Microsoft specifically recognizes our expertise in these areas and recommends Sunrise as an Industry Expert.


Our vertical knowledge with Microsoft Dynamics AX will give you the edge you need to become an industry leader.